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hi hair question!!! i read ur faq i didnt see a relevant one im sorry ;-; how do i get my hair to a sliverly lilac colour like yours from brown without totally killing my hair?? thank u!!

It’s so recent I haven’t answered much about it yet :ooo honestly you gotta pretty much wreck your hair. But mine has been bleached literally 9 times and I’m not bald, if you don’t have very processed hair you will be fine!! I usually don’t recommend a bleach stronger than 20 vol, but for a color this light use a 30 volume bleach developer!! Start mid shaft, then ends, and then roots. Let it process for up to almost an hour, just check the color. It should get very very very pale yellowish (at this point you’ll notice it stop lightening. It’ll b v pale) then if to get the yellow out i recommend wella color charm permanent toner in lightest ash blonde with the wella color charm developer in 20. That processes about half an hour and will appear purple, after that your hair should be silvery white or at least not yellow. My purple is just manic panic hot pink and turquoise mixed into conditioner, any diluted purple is fine as long as you know if you want cool or warmer toned purple. The white will turn purple and if there’s any yellow/blonde it’ll turn grayish n that’s about it!! If your hair feels dead after bleaching, mix a moisture mask or some other restoration treatment into your dye/conditioner mix! If you want to know some I like u can ask + anythin else I didn’t answer feel free to ask

ONSIND - That takes ovaries
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Come on boys, get a clue, would it really be so hard for you to try to do something slightly more productive with all that spare testosterone you throw around?

California beauty



Mountain sketches from my Banff climbing weekend, #1

Take me there. 


I made this at the end of a very long day (please don’t delete the text/change te source and feel free to message me with stitching requests)

me: *takes snapchat with me looking cute*
me: *sends snapchat to everyone in my contacts*
me: *also sets snapchat as my story just to make sure everyone sees how cute i look*






Three years ago I made my first YouTube video, back then I used to look at myself in the mirror and imagine what I wanted to look like. Now I just see myself. 

The comparison is of photos I took just before making my first video (pre-T)  and just before making my most recent video (32 months on T). 

you are amazing 

Thank you :)

So handsome! You look fantastic! <3 You give me hope for my future. 

Thank you! That’s awesome, all the best :)